Workshop with Radko Balcar Sensei 8º Dan Goju Ryu

Budo meeting





As part of the celebrations of World Karate-do Day, we anticipate and celebrate it on October 24 by inviting Radko Balcar Sensei 8º Dan of Karate Goju

Ryu and 3º Dan of Kobudo (AKKU). In turn, he is President of the Ibero-american Federation Goju Ryu Karate and Kobudo (FIGKK).

The purpose of this meeting was to share our dojo with this Sensei in order to study and see other concepts and ways of practicing Budo.

Despite the conceptual differences between our styles, we learned and practice these concepts that are similar in regard to Budo oriented towards self-


We will continue generating these meeting to learn from everyone and with everyone.

Thank you very much to Radko Balcar Sensei for his kindness and willingness to all of us.