Award ceremony for the most outstanding of the year 2017

Award Ceremony


2018 is a very special time because in this year is the 90th anniversary of Sensei Nishiyama´s birthday and the 10th

anniversary of his passing away.


Yesterday, an emotional meeting took place in which the awards ceremony was held for the members of the FKTU who

had an outstanding performance in the year 2017.


We take the opportunity to recognize the work being done by Traditional Martial Arts, in this case by the development

and dissemination of Kendo in our country, to Gonzalo Tihista Sensei for having passed the grade of 5º Dan in Japan.


Outstanding students of the FKTU were: 1º - Kirill Voloshin; 2º - Joaquín Castromán; 3º - Klessheim Bentos.


We continue in spreading the legacy of Nishiyama Sensei in our country, knowing that the work we are doing is reaping

very good results.


The tradition continues...