The 8th Traditional Karate World Cup ORLEN 2015 took place on June 5 to 6, 2015 at the Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre "Dojo - Stara Wies" in Poland. In the great event competed a superb collection of elite traditional karate athletes from 11 countries: Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and USA, 12 top men´s and 9 women´s traditional karate athletes were nominated by the national federation and selected by the WKTF Technical Committee.


The significant traditional karate event was honored by the attendance of Mr. Lech Walesa - Former President of Poland, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, legend of "Solidarity" who took the honorary patronage under the competition. The following delegations attended in the meeting with Mr. President Walesa; Japan Karate Association (JKA); World Koshiki Karatedo Federation (WKKF); World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF) and representatives of national federations from all over the world.


President Walesa visited Dojo - Stara Wies second time. Six years ago, he officially opened the center. He said: "Once, during the second day of August strike, journalists asked me what we´re doing here, I replied that I wanted to build in Poland another Japan. Dojo in Stara Wies is an example on the fact that this idea is perfectly realized".


As well, Mr. Witold Stepien, Marshal of the Lodzkie voivodshiptook the honorary patronage over the competition.


The competition proceeded at the very high technical level.

In the women´s final match Maria Depta (Poland) was victorius by beating an experience athlete Malgorzata Zabrocka (Poland), Maria Depta won the last World Cup in 2013 in Lublin. Natalia Tsarova (Russia) and Kristina Schevchenko (Ukraine) fought for 3rd place, wich won by Natalia Tsarova.


In the men´s final match, Damian Stasiak (Poland) defeated is friend from national team Rafal Wajda (Poland). Ukraine´s Vladimir Pucha took 3rd place by beating Ronaldier Rodrigues from Brazil.




More information in: www.wtkfkarate.org/8th-traditional-karate-world-cup-orlen-2015-3/